Idiot Tyrant

from by Reprisal

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Onward black forever. A lifeless surge, of servants to the urge, a river of limbs with one purpose. Thralls to success, a vapid gnawing insect, Ichneumanity arise and build your nest. Seductive sedition seeps from a swollen queen, spawns a vermin sea with souls on which to feed, willing fodder for an endless greed. Dark tendrils, insectoid, swell in the vast ego void. Slaves, vacant, idiot tyrant, suffer. A global trade in servitude, they're gladly sold, kissing hands of power they someday wish to hold. Like victory is found being the teller not the told, like worth is estimated in the currency of souls. Voracious, hypnotic, brain dead and flesh robotic. This is desire. Ichneumon race, ascent to domination, defective apes will be replaced. The weighted stone of want is hurled at the face of god, deformed by its brunt, idiot tyrant. At the frozen summit of his influence and wealth, the lengthened pulse surrenders to the crawling ice no heat will ever melt. Every breath a falling tide which pulls him further from himself, the king can find no prophet when the final deal is dealt. Voracious, hypnotic, tyrant. They beg with hands grasping and clutching, fingers wrench at hands that give them nothing. They eat themselves. The silence of a god they've never met, a tombstone sky stretching forever overhead. Voracious, hypnotic, brain dead and flesh robotic. The virus swells. Cower in fear, vermin under the wings of a serpent. Glistening crystal veneer appeasing the throes of his servants. Idiot tyrant, every life is spent, idiot tyrant, all life is an expense.


from Ichneumanity, released December 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Reprisal England, UK

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